Charlie Brooker Teases Black Mirror Season 5 Release Date and Cast Details


    With the release of Black Mirror film Bandersnatch, last year fans are getting very impatient for the release of the next Black Mirror season 5. It confirmed by Charlie Brooker Black Mirror creator that there will definitely be a season 5 for the anthology series. However, Bandersnatch had made this task a bit difficult for them as it was something new and bit difficult for them to produce.

    Bandersnatch was one of its own kind of film to be released on Netflix and even though Black Mirror is known for its mind-twisting plot and twist but it was a technically challenging task even for Black Mirror creator to produce Bandersnatch as it was kind of choose-your-own-adventure which involved multiple plot lines that could be chosen by the viewers as they wished. This, in turn, changed the plot of the story according to the choices made the viewer and this changed the entire plot according to those choices.

    Charlie Brooker revealed in a recent interview that producing Bandersnatch was very challenging and this had caused to Black Mirror Season 5 to delay. In an interview at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival, Brooker was asked detail about the upcoming season of his anthology series.

    Brooker confirmed, “It’s coming. There’s some more. It’s coming soon,” referring to the Black Mirror season 5.

    But despite him confirming the news, he was reluctant to reveal any details about the show. “I could sit here and tell you everything that happens but it would be rubbish. It would spoil it for everybody,” Brooker said.

    But at the end, he assured fans that their patience won’t go in vain as they will be releasing Black Mirror season 5 on Netflix at the end of this year and this is also confirmed by Netflix.

    This was also an interesting piece of news that was floating around according to which Miley Cyrus in an interview on The Howard Stern Show has confirmed that she has

    Charlie Brooker Teases Black Mirror Season 5 Release Date and Cast Details
    Pic: Netflix

    been signed on as the cast of one of the episodes of Black Mirror.


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