Days Gone Price, Size, Plot Reveal & Everything we know so far


    The upcoming action-adventure survival game by Sony is making quite a buzz in the market. ‘Days Gone‘ is developed by SIE Bend Studio and the PS4 version is set to release on 26th of this month. So, let us dive a little deeper and understand what the game has to offer us.

    ‘Days Gone’ Release Date

    The open world survival game was previously set to release in February. But, the target date got slipped to April. We can now only hope that it gets released in April without any further delay. Earlier in a brief statement, Sony said that it has decided “to move the release from the crowded February timeframe.

    Meanwhile, Bend Studio will take the opportunity to polish the game further.” This guarantees us that the game might be spectacular in terms of graphics, but the developers must make sure that it’s worth the wait.
    The “Days Gone” release date for PS4 edition is April 26, 2019.

    Days Gone: Price, Size, Plot, Order Bonuses & Everything we know so far

    Size and Gameplay Length

    The game is an open world game and is filled with numerous side quests. According to the developers, “The golden path will require something around 30 hours of playtime”. Golden path refers to the act that we only focus the single player main missions.
    The game is expected to consume 67 GB of disk space. Additionally, a day one massive update is also there in the pipeline which will fix bugs and bring minor improvements. The update download size is 17 GB.

    Days Gone Gameplay Trailer 



    Sony has announced that the Days Gone Collector’s and Special Edition versions will be released worldwide. Pre-orders for these variants is available on Amazon and PlayStation. In the market, the Days Gone Collector’s Edition is available for $139.99 whereas the Standard Edition costs around $59.99 and the Digital Delux Edition costs around $69.99, these versions are available for PS4. Retailers have said that since they are exclusive versions, the quantities are limited.

    If you are pre-ordering from the PlayStation Store, you’ll also get a free Days Gone Sawmill Dynamic PS4 Theme and if you pre-order Days Gone from any retailer, then you will receive the following in-game 4 items:

    pre-order Days Gone Bonus

    • Drifter Crossbow early unlock
    • Nitrous Upgrade #1
    • Gas Tank Upgrade #1
    • Shroud Upgrade #1

    Story Plot and Gameplay

    The game is based on a post-apocalyptic open world. The player controls St. John Deacon, a former outlaw-turned-drifter and bounty hunter, using third person perspective. The story begins two years after the global pandemic which killed almost all of humanity and transformed millions of others into “Freakers”.

    Freakers are mindless zombie-like creatures with an ability to evolve quickly. Infected animals such as bears and wolves are also part of the “Freakers”. In order to make things, even more, uglier, human enemies are also there in the game. The player needs to complete missions in order to end the game. Missions can be completed by using stealth or direct combating using short and long-range weapons.

    A dynamic weather system and the day-night cycle are incorporated. Freakers are weak and slow during the daytime. Whereas, fast and strong throughout the night. Deacon uses a motorcycle for traveling through the map. the vehicle can be modified with parts to enhance its speed, durability or maneuverability


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