Disney+: A New Name in the Streaming Game


    It’s November 12, the official launch date of Disney+, a new name everyone will get to see in the streaming world.

    It was finally today at the annual investor conference when a grand presentation was held for the investors and a detailed outlook of the streaming service was revealed, including the launch date, subscription charges, most importantly from a fans perspective, confirmation of new MCU series. After hitting the headlines a couple of summers back, in 2017, a lot of rumors have been in and out until today, when Disney CEO Bob Iger came out with the big news and a promise that, Disney will do all in its will to make sure the library is filled and regularly updated with Disney, Pixar, Marvel Movies and to a level where the other old players in the streaming game will find it difficult to compete.

    While all the revelations were coming out about the service, posters for Star Wars saga, a Disney+ original, The Mandalorian and the Falcon & Winter Soldier were launched, and the first image of Disney’s live-action adaption of Lady and the Tramp was also displayed.

    Disney seems to have taken a lot of efforts on Lady and the Tramp, it was previously confirmed that the two main dog characters were shot using real dogs and not CGI animals.

    It’s the Marvel content that is expected to get the most of the fan base towards the new streaming service provider. The new shows will be giving a back story to the Marvel characters with few ramifications expected. Disney+ will be coming with two new series coming straight out MCU, Wanda Vision and other one is Falcon and Winter Soldier, but the launch dates are yet to be announced. Wanda Vision as mentioned today will be focusing more on the relation between Scarlet Witch and Vision. A couple of other shows or maybe miniseries based on Loki and Hawkeye are also expected to be on their way with Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner to have their roles a bit new look.

    The subscription charges for Disney+ as revealed today will be $6.99 a month or $6.99 a year.