Doraemon is Getting a New Game on Nintendo Switch : How to Install


    Bandai Namco will be releasing ‘Doraemon story of seasons’ in Japan on June 13th exclusively for Nintendo switch however no dates have been confirmed for Western release. The trailer was also released alongside the announcement.

    The basic gameplay revolves around the growing of crops, it lets the player handle a farm, interact with the village and explore the surrounding land as Doraemon and lead character Nobita.

    The story begins when Nobita’s group somehow ends up getting teleported to another world where Doraemon also losses his tools, so the group decides to live in that world. There Nobita starts a farming life. However, as the story progresses Doraemon’s gadgets will come to play.

    Basically, the whole game can be subdivided into five phases, firstly you have to plow the field using hoe than sow the seeds. Seeds can be purchased at the grocery store in the village, daily you have to water the seeds otherwise they will die.

    Then you can harvest the crops and if you used fertilizers than the quality of crops would be better and then you have to put the crops into shipping box where Doraemon will come and deliver them to the store, which provides money depending on the shipped product.


    While many critics were saying that as the series titled ‘Story of seasons’, it might be a hint for some sort of English release in future. However, no official confirmation has yet arrived for the anime game to release outside Japan.