Everything about “The Walking Dead” Season 9 Episode 16 ‘ The Storm’


    Warning: There’s spoiler ahead regarding ‘The Walking Dead’ season nine finale episode.

    The Walking Dead‘ season 9 finale episode ‘The Storm‘ concluded on 31 March 2019. It was the sixteenth episode of the long season. The episode felt a little tame when compared to the previous episode ‘The Calm Before’. The penultimate episode saw a major plot twist with the death of ten characters.

    'The Walking Dead' season 9 finale episode 16 'The Storm'

    This season saw numerous developments with Angela Kang coming on board as the new showrunner. Several months have passed after the hill incident still a line of sadness can be felt, throughout the episode.
    Winter finally arrived.

    The winter hit the kingdom in a fierce way. It closed the kingdom down for business and community relocate to the hilltop in midst of the life-threatening blizzard. Characters can be seen wearing winter coats and scarves.


    The weather twist traps the characters in the middle of a snowstorm. It forces them to cross the deadly border wall to get to their destination. In the end, it is revealed that Alpha and Beta fail to cross it undetected. The duo is now preparing for an all-out war Another development from the episode showed the married couple, Ezekiel and Carol. They are mourning the loss of their adopted son Henry, whose head ended up on one of those spikes.

    We see Carol remove her wedding ring. The episode ends with the two separated. Carol is in Alexandria and Ezekiel stay at Hilltop. In another incident, Negan injures himself while rescuing 10-year old Judith from the snowstorm. Michonne reaches to thank him and talk soon shifts to their “common enemy”: Alpha. Michonne was seen saying, ”Facing evil brings good people together,” hinting that Negan could join her side.

    The closing scene of the finale teased there could be a world expansion in the next season. An unfamiliar voice can be heard in the Hilltop radio saying: “Hello, can you hear me? Is anybody out there?”. The sound came just after Ezekiel radioed Judith and got off. With this, the final episode ended and we are left with some serious questions. In an interview with the showrunner, Angela Kang answered a few of these questions. Let’s have a look at them.

    Everything about "The Walking Dead" Season 9 Episode 16 ' The Storm'

    The biggest question from the season nine finale was ‘Who is that mystery caller on the radio?’. To which Kang answered, “We are a little coy at this point, to be honest.”
    Actually, in the comics, Eugene hears from a member of another community called the Commonwealth. But we are still uncertain whether the series will take that turn or not.

    When asked about the long delay of the onset of winter. Kang replied, “It’s taken all this time because there are so many logistical challenges.” She explained how the ice and frozen pond are made of wax and consumes time. And finally, she cleared about Carol’s fate. Kang doesn’t think Daryl and Carol would be seen together. Although, She feels he can be sympathetic.

    The Walking Dead returns to FOX and AMC with the Season 10 in October.