Everything we know about Netflix “Lost in Space”


    Last year, Netflix released a science fiction family drama on April 13, 2018, named “Lost in Space.” The show stars Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins. The series is the reboot of 1965 series of the same name.

    Resolute (24th Colonist Group), is an interstellar spacecraft that is carrying few selected families colonize the Alpha Centauri star system. One of the family is of Robinsons. Maureen is an aerospace engineer and her partner John Robinson and their three children, Will (the youngest), Penny and Judy are on board. But unfortunately, when the alien Robot breaches the ship, the Robinsons family crash land on to an alien planet.  Now they have to battle out the environment to reach back to Resolute. The season One consists of ten episodes and Netflix confirmed that season two will renew soon.

     Netflix "Lost in Space"

    The show is critically acclaimed. The Rotten Tomato’s critical consensus reads: “Lost in Space’s production values are ambitious enough to attract sci-fi adventure fans.” Also, he said, “while the story’s large heart adds an emotional anchor to all the deep space derring-do.” But David Griffin of IGN criticized the role of Parker Posey and overall said, “an excellent sci-fi adventure with a slight villain problem.”


    The show is set 30 years in future. Colonization in space has now become possible. The Robinson family is among those approved and preferred to make a new life for themselves in a sophisticated world. But when the new colonists notice themselves unexpectedly dissociate course en voyage to their advanced home they must devise new association and work side by side to endure in a nasty alien environment, light-years from their initial destination. Marooned along with the Robinsons are two interlopers who find themselves hurled together by the situation and a mutual propensity for betrayal. The appealing Dr Smith is a master schemer with an unfathomable end game. And the mischievous, but glamorous Don West is a highly-proficient, blue collar constructor, who had no motive of enrolling the colony, let alone crash landing on a strange planet.

    Season One Ending and Future

    John and Don who are floating on space in ship wreckage but survived the explosion.. Will finds that Robot now serves the manipulator and psychopath Dr Smith. Don responds Will that they are safe and here Will try to get Robot back but is rejected. Dhar signals that resolute will move anytime soon. Maureen ambushes Dr Smith and Robot but the escape anyway. The alien ship arrived in the garage to retrieve the engine. The alien robot here is about to kill Will but luckily his Robot remembers and saves Will. Dr Smith saves John but stills Maureen locks her up. When they try to dock to Resolute the alien engine aboard them to a different galaxy. Now they are orbiting bizarre planet that looks like two planets crumbled together. Will recognize its shape from the robot’s sand drawing: Danger. This also means that The Robinsons, Don and Dr Smith are now actually lost in Space.