Explosion, Fire at KMCO plant in Crosby, Highway 90 closed


    Harris County, TX:  Fire Fighters and Emergency Crew are responding to a Chemical Plant Fire after an Explosion occurred at KMCO plant near Crosby Freeway in Harris County.

    This incident occurred on Tuesday just before the afternoon. Harris County Fire Department and Harris County Sheriff Office were reported about this incident following which they have closed off the Highway 90.

    Ed Gonzalez of the Harris County Sheriff Office reported that two employees may be injured in this incident but the actual number of injured or casualties are still unknown.

    All schools in Crosby ISD and Sheldon ISD have shut down their ACs as it may vent the smoke from the fire indoors. Schools have also initiated shelter-in-place and no student is being allowed to be received off by parents until the situation is under control.

    This is a developing story and will be updated after more information is released.