Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Still down after massive worldwide outage


    Facebook has been Reportedly Caught Down again this Month where the Issues started at 6:30AM EDT.

    Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all encountering issues today morning around the world. Facebook and Instagram were both out of reach, with news sources declining to revive and the principle Facebook.com area inaccessible for over two hours making it one of the worst outages.

    WhatsApp messages were stopped, and users of Facebook’s primary administrations (Facebook claims Instagram and WhatsApp) made a huge response for Twitter to share that they were having issues.

    The blackouts seem to have begun at around 6:30AM EDT early today, and a few areas were more generally influenced than others.

    “The issue has since been settled; we’re upset for any burden.” Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all began to return online at around 9 AM ET toward the beginning of today.

    Some Users are Still Affected by the Outage and cannot Access any Platform hosted by Facebook.

    #WhatsAppDown, #InstagramDown and #FacebookDown were drifting on Twitter around the world.

    Facebook Authorities have Still not Addressed the Issue and that’s the Strange Fact about it, its Exactly after a Month when Facebook was Addressed down.