FBI (TV Series) Launches “Most Wanted” Episode on April 2


    Right from the day one when the show premiered in last September, it has always been able to have the audience connected with its compelling cast, adrenaline spiking plot and its way of tracking down the fugitives. FBI’s backdoor spinoff pilot is set to be in Tuesday’s episode, so what actually backdoor pilot means is that the network is about to use a previous episode to introduce characters and a backstory for a potential spinoff.

    With the spinoff around the corner, Special Agent Maggie Bell(Missy Peregrym) her partner Special Agent OA(Zeeko Zaki) will be working with a special unit of agents track down the most wanted fugitives in the town, In the official description of the episode CBS mentioned OA and Maggie teams up with members of FBI’s Fugitive Department to track down a person wanted for murder who is also in America’s top 10 most wanted list. Alana De La Garza will be seen in a completely different role of a leader, unlike the lawyer she played in the Law & Order franchise.

    Along with Julian McMahon as FBI’s Agent Jess Lacroix, there is a big cast for the spinoff having Kellan Lutz as Agent Crosby, Roxy Stenberg as Agent Barnes, Keisha Castle-Hughes

    as analyst Hana Gibson, Nathaniel Arcand as Agent Clinton Skye.