Flood Water Causes 70% of Iranian Reservoirs to be at Max Capacity

    Western Iran on Sunday was hit by a new system of storm, heavy rainfall and multiple floods around the region. Iran’s Meteorological Organization (IMRO) has cautioned the residence that the powerful storms followed by rainfall could strike the area for two more days. It has even warned central Iran and other 11 provinces for potential rainstorms.
    As of now, the death toll stands about 45 and 47000 people have been hospitalized due to flood-related injuries. Reports hint an estimated $170 million damages in the country.
    Due to these, most of the reservoirs are full and dams are in the threat of water overflow. Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian has declared that recent flood filled the 70 percent of the reservoirs.
    “Statistics show the recent rain fall was unprecedented, and caused increased the rainfall to 54 millimeters. Over 70 of the floods filled the dams and reservoirs. Also, statistics say that 3.4 billion cubic meters of water filled the reservoirs of Khuzestan province,” said Ardakanian.
    Many people have been abandoned from there home and roads are almost and totally covered with water.
    The flooding has been more than a week but authorities are napping about the calamity. Officials are slipping in order to execute a proper plan and idea to tackle this tragedy. The Guard is continuing its idea to overcome floods by pulverizing work using explosives.