Fortnite Developer Epic Games Accused of Stealing Fortnite character skins


    The battle royale game Fortnite and developer EpicGames were accused of plagiarism. An artist named Ruby Ramirez posted on Facebook about plagiarized content.

    Fortnite launched a new character skin in its store in November 2018. But an artist claims that it was copied from character design that was uploaded on artwork community, DeviantArt prior to the skin launch in Fortnite store.

    The new skin is named as Taro and can be bought from the game’s store at 1500 V-bucks. The Taro skin consists of the horned mask, the hair and the belt with few colour schemes that look alike the character design uploaded on DeviantArt.

    Forbes interacted to the developers and they claimed for investigation. But the series of accusation arose to be bogus. The assertion by DeviantArt user Pyro-Zombie and DingDongVG were in favour of EpicGames as they posted proof on Twitter.

    Ok, This… This is just awful, A company like epic games, just STEALING the design from a small artist for making profit (’cause they sell the skin…) Without giving, credit or ANYTHING, They STOLE the full design.

    -ShadowTV (@DJShadow_TV) March 31, 2019

    They found that different character design was posted initially and the resembling design was recently replaced.