Google New Android Q Beta 2 Feature Gestures, Bubbles & Much More


    Google today introduced the multitasking bubbles in its new Android Q Beta.  The second Android Q Beta comes with an opulent array of gestures.

    Google launched Android Q Beta 1 in March. Beta 1 delivered faster performance with certain enhancements regarding connectivity, media codecs, and cameras.

    Beta 2 frames on Beta 1 with certain remarkable features. Now a user can approach to more control regarding shared files, thanks to the new feature that Google enabled.

    This feature is called Scoped Storage. Beta 2 also supports Bubbles, which enables users to multi-task and juggle the applications. These gestures are like those of ios. These gestures reinstate the old ones. This helps to pull and pill or switch between the apps one at a time.

    Now the gestures require you to pull up to enter the multitasking menu and select it instead of swiping right for the last opened app in order to gain access to currently opened apps from home screen.

    This gesture even prevents you from navigating the long horizontal list in the multitasking interface. The gesture contains since the multitasking menu’s search bar appears through while they’re being used.

    The Android Q Beta 3 is scheduled to be launched in this May. Google even requested developers to develop app compatible with their beta framework.