Grand Theft Auto 6: Latest Rumour, Release Date and GTA 6 Story-line


    It has been four years since the last Grand Theft Auto game release. Rockstar Games who are known for its action-adventure video game series haven’t hinted anything about the next instalment yet.

    The New York-based video game publisher last released ‘Grand Theft Auto V‘ in 2013. The game was critically acclaimed and commercially successful, like the entire game series. Despite, the series has also been questionable for its adult nature and violent themes.

    Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA 6

    Rockstar Games recently launched the third entry in the Red Dead series, Red Dead Redemption 2. As we all understand Rockstar’s usual forte, we cannot expect the next GTA game anytime soon. Previously, Rockstar announced about GTA5 seventeen months after the release of Red Dead Redemption.

    Fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the next open-world crime adventure game. from the developers. But, they have been delivered an encouraging update from a recent leak. A 3D artist who worked for Rockstar Games’ India studio briefly included GTA 6 on his online CV. He claimed that he had created concept vehicles for GTA 5 and GTA 6. This leak can be considered true because this artist was credited in the thank you page for Red Dead Redemption 2, confirming that he has worked at Rockstar Games.

    Although, this mention was temporary as the members of GTA forums removed the CV as soon as they spotted the GTA 6 reference. Another recent leak claims that the new Grand Theft Auto would be out next year. According to the leak, GTA 6 will have a release date in fall 2020. It will be a PS5 exclusive for the first month.

    Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA 6 PS5

    Talking about the location, rumours indicate that GTA 6 would boast two large cities for players to explore. Those cities are likely to be Miami and Liberty City. GTA 3 and GTA 4 were previously set in Liberty City. This strengthens the rumour that emerged last year which claimed that the game would see a return to Vice City.

    The map size is expected to be twice the size of Los Santos. Los Santos was the city in which GTA 5 was set. It was the largest game world in the series. The map was well appreciated by the gamers. It required a lot of preparation and hard work. As suggested by the art director Aaron Garbut, “We do a lot of Googling and StreetView scoping,” he said.
    Apart from these rumours, there’s also a possibility that the game would feature a multiplayer mode.

    Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA 6 PS5 Multiplayer

    There would be multiple playable characters, and at least one female lead. The game is likely to be VR enabled.

    Apart from these, there are few fan fantasies like having a futuristic storyline and a game set across the entire USA, London or Tokyo. But these are just fantasies are not likely to come true.