Grand theft Auto 6 Release date, Rockstar revealed the facts and myths?


    Yes, you heard me right and no, I’m not kidding. There are talks on the releasing of GTA 6. Since GTA 5 has been released around 6 years back, It has fast become the all-time favorite and reports say GTA-5 has been the third best selling video game till date with over a hundred million sold units. Coming back to the GTA 6, with Rockstar games having their hands full with Red Redemption 2, it’s doubtful that GTA 6 will be released any time soon as if they do want to, they have to wheel all the way around and pump its release.

    GTA 6 Release Date

    However, there had been rumors from an anonymous mystery man that GTA 6 would be released in 2020. Though in my opinion, these rumors are just that, rumors. Since any rumor tends to have some truth in it, well, we couldn’t be so sure. Especially when the thing about Rockstar games is that they are extremely secretive. But thinking logically back on it the odds are slim to none.

    But if you do want to read some juicy titbits which might or might not be true? Read on!

    GTA 6 if come out, possibly might have a huge map and the theme would be set to ’70s most likely. So get some bell bottoms and soap operas going. Coming to the question of where will it be set? The most popular theory remains our very old Vice city. Saying Vice city was an instant hit would definitely be an understatement. Since all rumors have been shot down by Rockstar, we just have to wait and see how it plays out. The latest gossip circulating also includes it being exclusive to PS5. But this would be a sure giveaway seeing how it would have to be prepared for the Backlash from Xbox.

    On the whole, this might be a bummer seeing how the practical possibility would be that the release might happen around a year or two later that is if they are planning on a GTA 6 in the first place!