Indian Satellite Launch Vehicle Successfully Puts 28 Satellites into Orbit


    This morning around 9.27 am, There is a total of 28 satellites in space and India includes one of them, one from America, 24 from Lithuania, one from Spain and Switzerland each. These satellites will be able to monitor the terrorists from the sky. According to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

    ISRO has started Countdown from 6.20 am in the morning, 145-foot-tall PSLV with an average weight of 220 kilograms is flying in the sky in the morning and this space mission was to take 180 minutes to complete, PSLV-C-45 has been launched in Satish Dhawan Center in Sriharikota.

    ISRO has arranged a special meeting for 5000 people at Satish Dhawan Center, Sriharikota in this morning and today ISRO has given the real experience to 1000 peoples. EMI-SAT is the name of the main satellite that flies in space and for the first time in history, there are 28 satellites in three different orbits of Earth.