Into the badlands Season 3 receive appropriate drop to its largely unfilled storyline?

    Into the Badlands is an American action, Wuxia and drama TV series which seriously provides the gripping and thrilling story that is always a beautiful thing to watch. This hair-raising series has been aired for three season and is set to end coming May after AMC canceled the show. Daniel Wu portrays a highly skilled and mortal “head clipper” who serves for a feudal barons who later rescues a boy named M.k. who secretes the dark secret about his past.
    Into the badlands
    The rest of the season includes his attempts to acknowledge about his past and find a way out beyond the Badlands.
    The post apocalyptic region near Oklahoma is ruled by the barons who fills the power and engage in war. The series might have the great martial arts and great story but it seems that writers have been facing trouble explaining the plot. The first season posses lots of flaws. The stunning fight scenes couldn’t mix with the scattered story. Viewers witness the storyline being lost and plot getting weirder. Actually they love only the class of martial art and fight scenes. But with the time writers develop the actual and worthy hookup between the story and fight scenes whetting the explanation of characters into real depth. Season 3 somehow grew with this fact and people are going crazy every week when exhilarating twist happens in new episode.
    Now only the  episodes remaining to end the season or you  actually say the whole series. The characters have shaped in a brilliant and philosophical ways for the series. Latest episode named after “Black Lotus, White Rose.”  Sunny finds an eminent character  from his distorted  past is engaging with the Black Lotus. The other characters named Widow, Gaius and Tilda are trying to bring an end to the bloody civil war. The episodes showed lots of childhood happenings and no one can outrun the past. But the problem about series is that there are only two episodes remaining. There are lots of questions and story to unfold. Now we hope how the writers could bring an suitable ending to the criticized but enjoyable series. Would they be able to give proper storyline and end the series perfectly? How they will explore the past of main protagonist? Without any proper good human, who will win the battle and bring peace? In Pilgrim What is the  Dark Gift performing who was never meant to have it? Now what to the character of M.K.? Everyone with their problem who will actually defeat worst evil?
    Next episode airs in April 22. And let’s just hope factual story and proper plot unfolds.