Is Universal Working on a She Hulk Solo Movie, Release Date & More


    Rumors hint that we might have a movie on ‘She Hulk’. People at Universal and Walt Disney might be taking steps into including the Female Superhero on to the big Screen.

    In fact, one Hollywood director has also shown great interest in doing a She Hulk movie. Rachel Talalay, the director of one of the cult classics Tank Girl back in 1995, confessed that she had a ‘strong vision’ of what She Hulk should be when she was asked about her next superhero movie.

    Fan are all out with their theories on how the film might be introduced in Phase 4 of Marvel Studios. And they might just be theories, but they do make sense. They gave convincing reasons as to why Marvel might make a movie about She Hulk.

    Is Universal Working on a She Hulk Solo Movie, Release Date & More

    Fan communities think that the post-credits of Avengers 4 will introduce She Hulk to the Marvel Universe. This rumor didn’t originate on the internet but among the Disney staff. It makes the rumor somewhat believable when you remember that Disney staff is almost always in contact with Marvel.

    Avengers 4 would be somewhat a perfect time to introduce the character. The world is damaged from the aftermath of Endgame. Millions of people are injured from the war and which would explain why Jennifer Walters (A.K.A She Hulk), also Bruce Banner’s cousin, would require a blood transfusion. The doctors being unaware of the Hulk-side of Bruce Banner, it makes sense that a badly overstretched field hospital would transfuse his blood to save her life, without doing blood tests first. Hence, She Hulk introduced.

    Although these are just some theories and speculations which kinda make sense. They’re still rumors after all so we cannot say anything for sure.

    But in the end, there is a problem in bringing She Hulk to the big screen. And that the intellectual property ownership. You see Marvel is owned by Walt Disney and so they have the right to produce a film featuring characters from Marvel comic. However, Disney does not hold the rights to every Marvel character. Such as even though Disney hold the production rights to Hulk, they do not hold the distribution rights to that IP and this is the reason we haven’t seem a solo Hulk movie since the 2008’s incredible hulk.

    The same case is for She Hulk but a bit simpler and i.e. Disney does not hold the right to She Hulk she legally they cannot tie She Hulk to MCU. But not all hope is lost and they got into the same problem with Spiderman as they don’t hold IP right to it either. But they were able to make a deal with Sony (who owns Spiderman IP) and including him in the MCU. So we think Disney could make a similar deal and let Universal make a solo movie featuring She Hulk. And after she has had her solo movie, she could start making her cameos in MCU movies.

    Is Universal Working on a She Hulk Solo Movie, Release Date & More
    Pic- Syfy Wire

    Jennifer Walters was born and raised in LA. She got her law degree from UCLA. She is also Bruce Banner’s cousin and they used to spend a lot of their time together in their childhood.

    In the comics, she had lost a lot of blood defending a gangster but Bruce came in time and fended off the attackers. Bruce gave her a transfusion of his own blood when as there were no other supplies in an emergency. After that, she was relocated to a local hospital and the police suspected Bruce to be the ‘attacker’ in Jennifer’s case. He had to flee in his Hulk form.

    Blood transfusion is what caused Jennifer Walters to become the She Hulk. In the comics, she later on joins the Avengers which led to her participation in the Secret Wars, most notable for sparking her long-standing rivalry with the newly empowered Titania.

    She also had her part in the Fantastic Four when she replaced the ‘Thing’. She hulk is one of the most powerful FEMALE characters in the Marvel Universe.

    Don’t you think she deserves a movie of her own? Let us know what you think.