Jaguar Land Rover India Launching Hybrid Electric Vehicles From 2019


    With the existing threat of losing fossils fear in near future, many car manufacturer companies have dived into launching electric cars all across the globe. In India also, the renowned luxury cars makers are plunging to introduce electric cars very soon.

    German manufacturer Audi claimed that it will launch e-tron in India by 2020. Another German car giant, Porsche will introduce its Taycan. Mercedes-Benz India and BMW are planning to lauch the eco-friendly cars. Now Jaguar Land Rover is urging to introduce its electrified cars in India.Jaguar Land Rover India Launching Hybrid Electric Vehicles From 2019

    Jaguar India confirmed that it will launch its first hybrid land Rovers by the end of 2019 and aims to launch its first Battery electric Vehicle, I-PACE by the second half of 2020. Jaguar hasn’t confirmed which land rover would it be but multiple rumors hit that could be the Range Rover Evoque hybrid or the Land Rover Discovery Sport hybrid.

    Rohit Suri, President & Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. (JLRIL) said, “Jaguar Land Rover’s focus is to commit itself to a more sustainable future and our engineers have developed just the right products to lead us on this path.Jaguar Land Rover India Launching Hybrid Electric Vehicles From 2019

    The introduction of electrified vehicles in Jaguar Land Rover India’s portfolio is in line with the government’s thrust towards electric vehicles. The company is encouraged by the introduction of FAME-II by the Government of India and its focus on the expansion of the charging infrastructure in the country.

    This is bound to help with faster adoption of all kinds of Electric Vehicles in due course.” I-pace is the current European Car of the year which has won on March 4, 2019, being the first Jaguar car in 50 years.