Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” movie First Trailer has Released


    To emulate Heath Ledger as a Joker onscreen was never going to be an easy task, the global praise he had for the role, the rare achievement he had of winning an Academy Award for the antagonist role, but after watching Joaquin Phoenix in the trailer launched for the movie“Joker”as the iconic DC Comics villain has rubbed off all the worries and will definitely give fans a nightmare-a one to remember.

    The first official trailer for the upcoming film was released by Warner Bros just a little while after the initial footage was presented at the company’s CinemaCon presentation earlier this week.

    It took only a teaser video of the star actor Joaquin Phoenix in Joker’s costume, for the director Todd Phillips to take the internet by a storm, transformation of the antagonist from a momma’s boy to the iconic villain of the DC universe is the craziest thing out there. A descent comedian turning into a crazy classic villain could be seen by the end of the trailer.

    Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian will be joined by ZazieBeetz, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, and Marc Manon.

    “It’s a tragedy,” Phillips said to the exhibitors at the annual Las Vegas show and made it clear that he is not in the position to say anything about the movie now because the film is still taking shape and would like it to be a surprise for the fans. In an interview last year Phoenix mentioned how Todd has been passionate about the movie from the day one, and his willingness to bring out an incredible character dealing with the real-life struggles, unhide the characters that are not usually studied but are very interesting and deserved to be studied.

    Off late Warner Bros have consistently been under pressure because of not being able to build a cinematic universe like the one have been built by the rival studio Marvel, who on contrary is able to create enough hype for their movies. Looking at the response both teaser and trailer is getting, it seems like Joker might just be able to hail the studio. The studio has tried to build and expand their own interconnected universe with movies like Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad Justice League, Wonder Women, Shazam. But the studio seems to have gone back to their previous stand of having standalone movies.

    Joker hits the theatres on 10th October 2019, but till then we’ll get to you with all the latest updates any many more about the movie.