Kanye West Will Perform ‘Sunday Service’ at Coachella on Easter Sunday


    In the latest announcement made by Kanye West, he said he will be performing his ‘Sunday Service’ at the Coachella on Easter Sunday.

    This announcement was confirmed by Coachella wherein a tweet they said, “Kanye West’s Sunday Service on Easter, Weekend 2.”

    This was a surprising announcement considering the fact that Kanye declined to perform at Coachella stating organizers were “artistically limiting” him.

    One of the sources who had information about the negotiations between Kanye and Coachella said in a statement, “These 40×60 stages are so archaic. It’s the same type of stage on which Shakespeare’s works were performed hundreds of years ago.”

    But whatever may be the case earlier now is it confirmed that Kayne will be having a special 9 a.m. performance at Coachella on Easter Sunday.