LG Showcases their New Folding Design & People are Finding it Weird


    Smartphone companies are in the hunt of introducing something strange in their product more like technological charisma. The latest endeavor includes creating smart-phones that can actually be folded.

    Many companies like Google, Lenovo, and LG has already started filing a patent for the design of their phones but the people don’t seem to be very excited about this. Lenovo’s perplexing dual screen, Google’s hand like design has annoyed lots of people.

    LG Showcases their New Folding Design & People are Finding it Weird

    Lenovo had registered for a patent in September last year to the Global Design Database of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). Lenovo’s patent design shows a smartphone that has a tiny little screen which folds onto the bigger screen. When the phone is unfolded, it has a lanky display that may be bizarre.

    The back of the phone contains another display that can be folded onto various aspect ratios. This creates phone’s look a lot of weirder that most of the people feel disappointment.LG has also driven the wheel to create folding phones.

    The tech designers at LetsGo Digital concluded a possible LG folding phone from the info of the patent. But people are underwhelmed seeing this as, like those of Google and Lenovo, this phone also doesn’t fold flat. Let’s hope the phone while launching comes really good and customers feel delighted.