Life is strange 2 episode 3 will be launched on May 9 – Teaser Revealed


    Episode 3 of Life is strange 2 launches on May 9. In life is strange 2 do you will get to see the same journey to be followed by Sean and Daniel Diaz. As of now to episodes are out in which the brothers I searching for a better life.

    “Wastelands” will be the title of episode 3 which is launching on May 9 at the boys continue to make their way to Mexico. As till now, it sounds like an adventurous journey.

    Co-Head of Studio at Square Enix External Studios Jon Brooke says that “The Life is Strange team is always reading the feedback from the players, and we saw the overwhelming demand for the option to purchase episodes individually following the launch of Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2,”

    There is a teaser out on the YouTube you Can check out the teaser trailer for episode 3 below :