Modern Warfare 4: Activision gives Call Of Duty 2019 Demo to Athletes


    As we are getting more and more closer to May as it is the time when we start to get information about the annual Call Of Duty title, but it looks like Activision has gotten impatient this time. The reason behind this is that according to latest news Activision held a private event in which several Athletes such as Jacques Patrick, Tajae Sharpe, N’Keal Henry, and Riley Ridley were invited.

    So you might be wondering what so special about this private event. Well at this private event these Athletes were allowed to play the upcoming Call Of Duty 2019. Although it wasn’t much clear whether it was the much anticipated Modern Warfare 4 and something entirely new but it is clear that there was given access to the Call Of Duty 2019 demo.

    Several of these athletes turned to Twitter and Instagram to show the world how much when they had when are the first to given access to the game.


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    Just had the opportunity to play the SUPER COOL NEW CALL OF DUTY in Nashville ?? #CallOfDutypartner ??

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    Call of Duty’s Official News Handle has also posted about this event on their twitter along with pictures of all the athletes that they had invited at their event. In their twitter post, they said, “several college football players and other “Call of Duty partners” have shared on Instagram that they got to play the “new Call of Duty” at a private event today.:

    So, therefore we could expect Activision to announce their next Call of Duty 2019 in could of day and we hope that it Modern Warfare 4.

    But hold on we are not done yet and it gets better. Just a day ago before Activision hosted this event someone on 4chan posted a teaser for what seems to be the upcoming Call of Duty 2019. NerdMag posted that video and it looked like it was and it was a title screen for Modern Warfare 4.

    However, the teaser was leaked many pointed out the video to be fake and said it was likely a fan made teaser. So even though we cannot confirm the legitimacy of the teaser we are still hopeful that Activision announces their Call Of Duty game soon