Modern Warfare 4 Confirmed: New Call Of Duty 2019 Details Leaked


    Modern Warfare is Activision’s most critically and commercially successful game at one point and one Call Of Duty title (except for Black Ops) got close to take that title. And this year news has been going around that Activision has been working on Call Of Duty game and it is none other than Modern Warfare 4.

    Now many people might be thinking that it is very unlikely that Activision will produce Modern Warfare 4 as they had already completed the trilogy back in  2013 with Modern Warfare 3. However new details have been leaked online that Pro perks and classic killstreaks to the Call Of Duty 2019.

    Call Of Duty 2019: New Modern Warfare 4 Details Leaked
    Fan art for the upcoming rumored Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Pic-

    According to Gaming INTEL, who first broke this news, they have reported that we could see that return of classic killstreaks which were last seen Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3. They had also reported that we will also see the return of Pro perks in Multiplayer.

    Activision and Infinity Wards in an interview said that with Call Of Duty 2019 they want to go back to their roots. Now many people might be wondering what did they mean by this. For that first, we need a bit of context.

    Call Of Duty 2019: New Modern Warfare 4 Details Leaked

    Last year Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 developed by Treyarch and Raven Software was an attempt to capitalize on the growing Battle Royale genre and therefore in order to do that they had to remove the single player campaign from the game. And veteran Call Of Duty fans did not like this move at all. Because at one point Call Of Duty was known for its Storytelling method and therefore with their latest installment in 2019, they want to go back to their roots. And what better way it would be than to make a Modern Warfare 4 title as it was their most beloved series.

    Release Date

    Now as for the release date, we have confirmed that Activision will be showcasing their Call Of Duty 2019 at the E3 which is in June. So fans have to wait just a few more weeks for Activision to officially announce their title for 2019. And after their new Call Of Duty game is revealed (which we are hoping is Modern Warfare 4) then it will be set to release in October as it the hot month for biggest AAA titles to be released.