Modern Warfare 4: Developer Confirms The Next Call of Duty


    The next instalment in the Call of Duty series is likely to be Modern Warfare 4. This was confirmed by a former Call of Duty developer. During a fan interaction on Twitter, Robert Bowling replied a fan who declared his intention to defecate if this were to transpire. The developer teased that they “better buy some brown pants”.

    Robert Bowling is a former creative strategist and community manager at Infinity Ward. So, he has the credibility of knowing what Infinity Ward has cooked up.

    Infinity Ward is the developer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. With this game, it revolutionalized the shooting genre in 2007. However, it failed to replicate its success. It failed miserably with the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. ‘Ghosts‘ is considered one of the worst Call of Duty entries of all-time. Moreover, Infinite Warfare also received mixed reviews. Recently, Treyarch has replaced Infinity Ward to become the marquee Call of Duty developer. therefore, the studio wants to return to the sub-series so that it can bounce back.

    Modern Warfare 4

    In addition to Bowling’s teasing, Eurogamer also published an article recently. On close observation, one could see how blatantly it teased the next Morden Warfare game.
    Recently, few American football players claimed that they had played this year’s Call of Duty at a private preview event. they took to Instagram and posted a video. On slowing down the speed one could hear the words like “killstreaks” and “Modern Warfare 4”. Although, the audio is not quite clear.

    Eurogamers covered the same above mentioned story. They used the words ‘Modern‘, ‘war’, ‘fair’ and ‘four’ for beginning the first four paragraphs. This clearly spells out ‘Modern Warfare 4’. Although, this can only be considered as a sassy take on the rumours.
    In a February, Activision-Blizzard confirmed that COD 2019 is “rooted in some of the franchise’s most important history”. They also mentioned that it will have a single-player campaign.

    Earlier this year, Infinity Ward’s communications manager was regularly tweeting mysterious macabre images. Fans took it as a hint that COD 2019 would be a sequel to 2013’s Ghosts. But, Jason Schreier soon suppressed that idea.

    The upcoming game is likely to be a lot like the old Modern Warfare game.

    Keeping everything aside, it seems quite unlikely that Infinity Ward would launch a new sub-series after receiving poor reception for its previous efforts. So while we still haven’t heard anything official, we conclude by saying that Modern Warfare 4 seems to be the next release. The annual COD is usually announced before E3, so we would not have to wait longer to receive the official confirmation.