New X Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Confirms which Characters will Die


    Since the last entry in the current series of X-Men movies, Dark Phoenix continues to be an interesting case study in regards to what kind of opening to anticipate.

    In any instance, it appears like we now have our very first massive indicator of if Dark Phoenix will grow from the ash, or be reduced to embers. The opening weekend to this movie is estimated to property involving $40 — 55 million, and when this holds, there is a fantastic probability that manager Simon Kinberg’s film is going to have the smallest opening of that the whole X-Men franchise.

    Spanning back into the year 2000, the X-Men series has had peaks and troughs when broadcasting its box office history. Beginning with $54.5 million launchings in the very first July of the century, the series will climb to its greatest opening with 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, that weighed with a $102.7 mil opening.

    Before these quotes for Dark Phoenix arrived in pegging the movie with a $40 — 55 million range, the low water mark stood at 2011’s X-Men: First Class, that earned $55.1 million at among the few openings at the franchise happening outside its average May timeframe.

    Now as for the meat of this article that you guys are looking for i.e. which of the X Men characters will die in Dark Phoenix. Here is a list of all the characters that are likely to die by the hand of Jean Grey who now holds the Phoenix Force.


    The first character on our list that the trailers are making us believe who is going to die is non-other that mystique. Since the first trailer that was released in February, we are being led to believe that mystique is going to die. Many people might be thinking that FOX cannot do that as they have built up mystique to be one of the most central characters since the reboot of the franchise. However, Dark Phoenix may be able to pull that off because official this is going to be the last movie FOX is going to produce as Disney as taken back the right of the X-Men IP along with every character that is associated with X-Men.

    Charles Xavier/Professor X

    One other character that could also die in Dark Phoenix is Charles Xavier aka Professor X himself. We know that this totally possible as this is will not be the first time that X Men would be doing that as they did the same thing in X Men Last Stand when in a failed attempt to calm Jean Grey down who’s Phoenix Power has awakened, she kills him.


    One name that you might not be expecting here is Quicksilver. Yes, you read it right, our very own neighborhood speedster who saved our beloved X Men on numerous occasions. Well, you might be wondering why is it we think that Quicksilver is going to die in Dark Phoenix. This is because of Magneto. If you watched the latest Dark Phoenix trailer then you might have noticed that Magneto is trying very hard to kill Jean Grey. And there could be two reasons behind this. Either because she killed Mystique or she killed his son Quicksilver. And this is what prompted him to take out Jean Grey.

    It would not need to be a massive leap beyond the high water mark. However, the longer it could transcend these amounts, the higher Dark Phoenix’s odds are of recouping its supposed funding. However, the whispers of a financial spend up of 200 million do not exactly bode well.