Nexus 6P Boot looping affected owners to be paid upto $400 by Google


    Back in 2015, Google launched its flagship device Nexus 6P which gain lot of popularity in the market and was regarded as the best phone of the year. But unfortunately, it didn’t work according to its assurance.

    Few devices encountered a never-ending boot loops often called as ‘hard brick’ due to imprecise chip sets. This bricking was later followed by a law suit appealing the owners of Google and Huawai( who developed the OEM) to compensate the device users. Google wanted to clear the case but court denied the motion. Now, it is somehow settled to pay unto $400 to the owners of that phone. One should had bought phone after September 25 2015 and possess all the documentation required to get gull indemnify. If you had used warranty to exchange with Pixel, then you will be fascinated with compensation of only $10.

    The final hearing is expected to be held on May 9 2019. Remember, the reimbursement is applicable only to those who are residing in the United States of America.