Omnia Music Player APK: audio player with Google Cast and Android Auto support

    Music players are in abundance on google play store, but good music players are rare. There are a few music players became extremely popular having a huge fan following over the many years, but why not have more? Voila! Meet Omnia music player, from the creators of the pular music player.
    Omnia Music Player
    Omni is a brand new audio player with material design, Google cast and Android support and more. Its features include high-resolution audio output; APE audio support; an elegant user interface; smart playlists; super fast search across albums, artists, songs; built-in metadata tag editor; display lyrics; gapless playback; sound balance, play speed adjustment; google voice commands; colourful themes and many more.
    Omnia Music Player
    As Omnia comes from the same developers of pular music player, you might think that they are almost the same but that is where you might just be wrong. Yes, there are a lot of similarities between the two but there are a few key differences too. Pulsar is considered to be stable while Omnia is considered to be in beta. As pulsar uses Android’s native decoders and native media store it is bound the limitations of the same such as lack of supporting certain media formats, 5-band equalizers, etc. whereas Omnia uses its own decoders and media library allowing for support for APE lossless audio formats, 10-band equalizers, and more changes.
    So, are you ready? For bobbing your head to some killer beats!