One Punch Man Fans are Not Happy with Season 2’s Animation Quality


    One-Punch Man lately affirmed that the much anticipated Season 2 of this series would officially premiere in early April, also with this information some enthusiasts have been somewhat worried.

    Rather than enthusiasm, fans are somewhat careful in regards to the period its premiere approaches and have been revealed away so far as.

    There were rumblings a couple of weeks back about if One-Punch Man’s creation was apparently behind the program, and such rumors have slipped into lovers’ heads. Rumors circled the next season has finished two episodes up to now, which is a significant difference from the time it was created.

    One Punch Man Fans are Not Happy with Season 2's Animation Quality
    Picture – Crunchyroll

    Couple this together with the brand new studio supporting the year, original character designs, along with also the simple fact that there hasn’t been much disclosed about the season because it was declared. Fans cannot help but feel anxious. But all that will be relieved when the series debuts a trailer or even premieres completely.

    One Punch Man Season 2’s Episode 1 aired last and although the animation quality wasn’t as good as Season 1, it was normal for the J.C Staff and they managed to keep the show’s humor on point ‘The King’s’ character introduction.

    However, episode 2 was another case as there was a small fight scene between Genos and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, we could clearly see J.C. Staff cutting corners. There was a lack of sharpness in the animation which is more apparent even you watch both the seasons back to back.

    One-Punch Man Season 2 is now slated for a premiere April 2. The season is going to be led at Chikara Sakurai (Naruto Shippuden episode manager), for new generation studio J.C. Staff. Yoshikazu Iwanami will function as an audio manager, and Chikashi Kubota will bring new character designs. Viz Media has also coached the entire year for a British release, and they explain One-Punch Man Season two as such:

    “Saitama is a hero who just became a hero for pleasure. Following three decades of “special coaching,” he has become so powerful such that he’s practically invincible. He’s too powerful his most mighty competitions are removed using a punch.

    Now, the prediction concerning the Earth of the seer Madame Shibabawa appears to be coming escalates. Together with Genos, his loyal disciple, Saitama starts his official hero responsibilities as a part of this Hero Association, while Garou, a guy completely fascinated by animals, makes his appearance.”