Piper prison days may be over with “Orange Is the New Black” final season

    Based on the anecdote of Piper Kerman, an American comedy-drama was released for Netflix back in 2013. Since then the drama has been the matter of appreciation for the performances, storyline and directions. The series splashed huge critical acclaim with being one of the most viewed series on Netflix. And now we are going  witness the more drama in Litchfield Penitentiary. Netflix confirmed on April 16 that the series will renew for seventh season sometime this year.
    The series depicts the drama of a women in her 30s who has been arraigned for the crime she did many years ago. Piper Chapman portrayed by Taylor Schilling, had transported drugs to her girlfriend and drug-runner Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). After the ten years, Alex revealed the Chapman in her prosecution that lead Chapman to prison. The story illustrates how trans formative a prison can be along with the issues of racism, corruption, privatization, crowding and guard brutality.
    It was critically acclaimed and praised for the adequate depiction of race and sexuality. The series contains the proper dramatic heft and bringing the emotions of various types of human together. Atrocity and drama are accurately entangled in every season. Now the series has been renewed, the story progress from the time when Piper hears the astonishing news from the friends, Also the jury has been reverted for the verdict and now the big business is on.
    Jenji Kohan, who started this staggering experience implicated by posting the pictures of final filming days on Instagram. Kate Mulgrew, who portrays Red in the series said ,“I’m going to miss playing and living on the edge of one of the groundbreaking, original and controversial series of this decade.”
    With getting early release, there are lots of things to struggle for our main character and  “the grounding force of the show” told by producer Tara Herrmann ,in post-prison life. The sixth season left with many other cliffhangers with a question raising what will be the relationship and destiny of other inmates.