Osceola Man Critically Injured : Officer Involved in Shooting


    A bystander and a suspect were taken to the hospital after a shooting where the officer was involved. It happened on early Monday morning.

    According to the Arkansas State Police, officers pulled a 24-year-old defendant around 12:40 a.m. at the 400 blocks of Semmes Avenue at Osceola. He was allegedly”non-compliant”, and shots were fired. The injured man is named Pete Denzel Edwards, 24, of Osceola. He had been taken to a Memphis hospital, and the authorities haven’t published any information on his ailment.

    The defendant carried and was wound to the hospital to get therapy.

    State authorities said another person within a house was injured when a bullet entered their property. They released and had been hauled to the hospital.

    Representatives of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division will conduct an investigation and submit their findings to find out whether the use of force by a law enforcement officer has been consistent with Arkansas legislation.