Pubg Lite: Latest Update Adds New Guns, Vehicles and Bug fixes


    Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, which is still reigning the game kingdom from the time it was launched has got updated to a much better version. This game, popularly known as PUBG Lite had some important features attached to this game. The developers are coating the game with newer updates to make it more enjoyable to the players. They tried to make a number of improvements based on their community feedback. Have a look at these features for yourself.

    As we, well we who play PUBG, already know SLR or DMR type weapon being a very powerful one can be used for mid to long range which is used as a replacement for sniper rifles has 7.62mm ammo. From now on, you will find the Mirado vehicle on Miramar in both convertible and nonconvertible type. This will possibly be the fastest vehicle on Miramar. However, it’s very prone to damage so handle with care!

    From now on, you will also be able to see how much BP you will be rewarded when surviving a circle. The more you survive, the higher the BP you can earn. I don’t know about you, but it sure sounds amazing to me!

    The other small changes made to PUBG lite include grouping Pistol and SMG in the same category, making gunplay animation more realistic, increasing the footstep volume based on community feedback, users being able to report teammates via the system menu.

    Celebrate this news by checking out all the featuRes for yourself!