Punisher Season 3 : What Jon Bernthal has to say about this?


    When the news finally broke that the flowing giant had pulled the plug The Punisher (in addition to Jessica Jones), nobody was astonished. Throughout the past couple of weeks, the relationship between Marvel and Netflix appears to have been twisting; even Daredevil, the flagship Marvel Netflix series, was canceled after three exceptional seasons.

    The first explanation is a straightforward one; the many Marvel Netflix displays are costly to create, and there is evidence they just were not doing well for its streaming giant. Though Netflix tends not to release seeing figures, third-party analytics shared using Screen Rant suggested that the Marvel series has been losing viewers for many years.

    In reality, the decrease in viewership was everything you would expect to see at a series; it indicated audiences interacted as a brand with Marvel, instead of with each series. In which the Marvel lovers were pruning in the long run, there would come a time.

    Jon Bernthal is the main lead who plays the character of Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher has expressed his gratitude over his Social Media where he has mentioned his love towards the show and has thanked his audience as well as Team, before ending the Show.

    However, there are reasons. When they had these possessions to stick out in the audience, Netflix signed up back in 2013 They could launch an land, and Netflix has a slate that is competitive without Marvel; fast-forward into 2019, nevertheless and also make it a hit.

    Netflix is not short of comic book adaptations and superhero possessions. They are aiming to construct an entire world based around Millarworld, and it is surely no denying that these hottest cancellations were declared directly following The Umbrella Academy premiered on the weekend. Netflix just does not desire Marvel anymore.