Rafael deal controversy, Latest Updates Over The Issue during Elections


    Rafael had been a great source of controversy for the government on power and the opposition. It has consistently maintained its place to the headlines in all the daily’s. Congress along with the rest of the Opposition puts a tremendous pressure upon the BJP government and Rahul Gandhi (president of Congress) says Modi as Chor and he also puts allegations as Modi helped Anil Ambani by making his company one of the offset partners.

    Rahul Gandhi questions Modi saying that why HAL was not chosen as an offset partner. But the BJP government were absolutely clear on their thoughts since yet the supreme court has no objection on them and the supreme court has one’s given its decision on Rafael and says that there are no such questions on choosing the offset partner and no case of money laundering had been found.

    Earlier after the quick decision of SC, again a petition had been filed for re-investigation of the case. Addressing a public rally On Friday union minister Piyus Goyal said that “The supreme court’s decision to hear the review pleas against its ruling on Rafael would put to rest the controversy and the center has no problem with it as our Conscience is clear”.

    Also, he said that the BJP government is happy upon the decision of the supreme court since it has agreed to hear the matter so that all of the controversy can be settled and put to the rest.

    The Supreme court had also decided to allow the leaked documents for judicial custody.T he court has also denied the government’s preliminary objections, Standing with the court’s decision Piyus goyal on friday said that the party thoroughly respects the Constitution and the law so it will abide by all the orders given by the supreme court.

    On being continously attacked by Rahul gandhi and the opposition over Rafael deal, the Modi led BJP government is all set to finish it and the final battle is being fought over the podium supreme court.