Rapper Nipsey Hussle immortalized at Los Angeles memorial


    Nipsey Hussle was a rapper, community activist, loving father, caring son, a protective sibling, so the list goes on. He was immortalized at his public memorial service, Los Angeles. He had received deep testimonies from those closest to him, his fiancée, Lauren London, dear friend, and collaborator Snoop Dogg, his mother was a few among others. Beyonce and Jay-Z were two of the big shot celebs who attended the funeral which lasted for around 3 hours.

    The arena was completely packed with around 21 thousand fans and drove the most important message, Hussle was just 33 when he died.

    Angelique Smith, dressed in all white, said “I’m very proud of my son. My son Ermias Joseph Asghedom was a great man”. She declared that he was a legacy. London who was emotional but appeared strong onstage said that she has never left this kind of pain before. She called Hussle as “majestic” and “brilliant”. She added that she was really sad for his 2-year-old son Kross, who wouldn’t remember his dad. Dogg’s words were visibly shaken and said: “This a tough one right here”. He told Hussle’s father that he has picked up another son referring to himself and thanked Hussle’s parents multiple times. Hussle’s father said,” Nipsey was a fighter”. “I realized Ermias told me what heaven was like. He told me it was paradise,” Cameron said. Cameron then told the audience that Hussle would look at him through the window at times and say “respect.” The crowd complied when asked to repeat “respect” in unison.

    Hussle was shot to death March 31 while standing outside The Marathon, his South Los Angeles clothing store, not far from where the rapper grew up.

    Rappers and celebs from all over the world put in their part of respects and mourned for him. And his family and friends vowed to continue the marathon of showing their respects to him. Let the hero’s soul rest on peace!