“13 Reasons Why” Rick and Morty Will Release This May 2019 on Netflix


    After a wait of almost year and a half still, there is no confirmation about the premiere of season 4 of “Rick and Morty”.Season 3 ended in October 2017. As per the predictions, we can expect season 4 to be premiered within this summer.

    So Here We Go with the 13 Reasons why That Rick and Morty may Release this May 2019.

    1. Since Adult swim renewed the show back in May 2018 for 70 new episodes and no work had been done on season 4 before that point.
    2. So practically it seems that they are only 7 months into the actual production cycle of season 4.

    3. People have been claiming that there has been no sneak peek and anything other stuff for promotion of season 4.

    4. Adult Swim has released bumpers and leadings which lead into their show in commercial breaks and also they have released a few strange short animations involving Rick and Morty but none of these have to do anything with season 4 and they are just simple one-off animations and looks like things to keep the fans engaged and keep them waiting.

    5. Rick and Morty are all about the misadventures of cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his irritating grandson Morty. Looking to the end of season 3 we may able to gather a few clues on the creator’s plan for plots and other stuff related to season 4.

    6. Season 3 ended up with the episode called “The Rickchurian Mortydate” which puts Rick against the president and made us wonder whether or not both actually a clone of herself, this plot lines just ended without any resolution.

    7. Also, the final shot of season 3 was when the whole family at the dinner table laughing at Rick and Rick was disappointed about losing his dominant position.

    8. As per the reports, the voice-over of the characters has almost completed.

    9. Talking to a news agency Sarah Chalke (Voices Beth Smith) said that “it’s coming I cannot say when and we are making them right now though”, also the co-creator of the show Justin Roiland who gives the voice to both Rick and Morty is recording the lines.

    10. So it’s a good sign of progress of shows but still, the editing has not begun but we can expect it to come at the earliest.

    11. Comparing with season 3, the animation of Season 3 had started on September 2016 and season 3 premiered about 7 months later.

    12. In the middle of January 2019, the animation supervisor Erik boffin tweeted by saying that the animation for season 4 has begun.

    Some Best Moments of Previous Seasons

    13. Also, the co-creator of the show Justin Roiland tweeted on March 16 by saying that “The new Rick and Morty episodes are feeling pretty good “.So accordingly we may expect season 4 within this summer in the Month of May.