Santa Clarita Diet: Zom-Com Cancelled After Three Seasons, Fans Dejected


    Netflix has cancelled ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ after running three successful seasons. The streaming network is infamously known for chopping off shows after three seasons irrespective of the level of interest and fan base. The latest victim of this is ‘Santa Clarita Diet’.

    Santa Clarita Diet was one of its kind zombie-comedy series. The wacky show was about a suburban couple who must deal with the aftermath of the wife becoming afflicted with a hunger for flesh. Shiela is unhappy in her life as a real estate agent. She starts eating people and her life improves in many ways. She doesn’t want to go back to the way things were, so, along with her family, she finds people to kill and eat, all while concealing her true identity.

    Netflix 2019 Santa Clarita Diet

    Santa Clarita Diet was the first “zom-com” show. All thanks go to the show creator Victor Fresco who brought this unique idea to Netflix.

    Santa Clarita Diet first premiered in February 2017. It premiered the third season in late March this year. The dropping of the series came as a shock. As it not only had the star power with a cast consisting of Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant but was also strictly an in-house production. Moreover, it had a really strong fan following. Now when the show has been axed, it’s not quite clear what prompted the decision.

    It must be noted that Santa Clarita Diet is not the only victim of Netflix’s aggressive trimming. Recently, shows from external studios, such as the Marvel shows and One Day at a Time were also cancelled by the streaming giant. Although, the company has also let some of its comedies run for longer. ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘ ran for four seasons, ‘Fuller House’ ended after five seasons and ‘Grace and Frankie’ got renewed for a sixth season.

    Show creator Victor Fresco and executive producer Tracy Katsky said in their own statement that they’ll miss the show but are proud of what they accomplished. “Netflix took a chance on this odd show and for that, we will always be grateful,” they said in a joint statement.

    Santa Clarita Diet

    And if you think that you’re likely to see a revival of the show on any other platform. Then, let us clear that out. Netflix’s control of the show gives it the final say over distribution, it does not share a series because that can attract its customers. The show can’t come back unless Netflix decides to revive it on its own.

    As the news of series cancellation went out, the fans chewed up Twitter with anger.
    Some of the tweets read:
    “Why was #SantaClaritaDiet cancelled? It was fresh, funny, and weird.” Donald Aguirre tweeted.
    “Why are networks making so many bad decisions cancelling great tv series?! Netflix, you are about to lose another customer.” William Clarke wrote.