SPOILER: Iron Man Snaps, Iron Man And Black Widow Die in Avengers Endgame


    So Avengers Endgame is out now and we are seeing people talking about all the major things that happened in the Movie. Although because of a recent leak many of the fans were spoiled about a few of the major event that would happen in Avengers Endgame. Nobody was prepared for how much Russo Brother had in store for us.

    So, to discuss all the major things in the movie shall we begin.

    Black Widow Sacrifice herself for the team to get the Soul Stone

    One of the major things that happened in the Movie is that Avengers split up to go back in time to retrieve all the Infinity Stones before Thanos could get his hands on them. In order to do that they split into 4 teams. One of the teams consisting of Black widow and Hawkeye go to Vormir to get the soul stone they are greeted by Red Skul who tells them they have sacrifice, someone, to get the soul stone.

    SPOILER: Iron Man Snaps, Iron Man And Black Widow Die in Avengers Endgame
    Pic- Disney

    However, things get complicated when both of tries to sacrifice their lives for the team and tries to stop each other from doing the same. Clint Barton aka Hawkeye jump from the cliff to sacrifice himself but Black Widow save him and while sacrificing herself. The problem is that even though you can bring anyone back with the infinity stone you cannot bring back anyone whose life has been used to get the soul stone. And therefore it looks like Black Widow is actually dead.

    What this Means for Solo Black Widow Movie

    SPOILER: Iron Man Snaps, Iron Man And Black Widow Die in Avengers Endgame

    Now many fans might be wondering what would this mean for the upcoming solo black widow movie that is in production and is coming out next year. Well, Black Widow’s death in Avengers Endgame won’t be a problem because Black Widow Movie most likely is a prequel Movie/Origin Story for Black Widow in which we would dive into her past and understand how did she come to be the person she is today.

    Iron Man Gets The Infinity Stones And Snaps the Sh*t Out of Thanos

    Another major thing that happens in the Avengers Endgame is that Thanos, the mad Titan gets his hands on the Makeshift Infinity Gauntlet (made by the Avengers) and tries to redo the Snap while everyone including Captain Marvel tries to stop. Captain Marvel even stop Thanos on her own which even surprise Thanos himself and in order to defeat her he has to use the power stone on her. And then Iron Man Comes in.

    SPOILER: Iron Man Snaps, Iron Man And Black Widow Die in Avengers Endgame

    Being told by Dr Strange that there is only 1 in 14 million chance that they would succeed he goes head-on against Thanos to test his odds. While fighting him he gets hold of Thanos right hand just long enough to take the Infinity Stones out of his Gauntlet and use the stones himself. Then he SNAPS.

    And after that everyone, Thano’s army starts to disintegrate just like in Avengers Infinity War. And Just like that Iron Man Defeat all of Thanos and his army in just a snap.

    The Infinity Stones were too powerful of Iron Man and This leads to his Death

    However, this snaps does come with consequences and the consequence of the Snap was that it was too much for Iron Man to take. And this causes his Death. Yes, you read it right Iron Man Dies in Avengers Endgame.

    The 1 in 14 million chance that Dr. Stange was talking about the Iron Man Using the stones and killing Thanos and his Army but sacrificing himself in the Process and this is the reason Strange couldn’t tell him what was it that has to be done for Thanos to be defeated.

    SPOILER: Iron Man Snaps, Iron Man And Black Widow Die in Avengers Endgame
    Pic- Disney

    So however sad Iron Man’s Death in Avengers Endgame is it was a fitting end to the Man who started it all and the Man who is called the God Father of the MCU. It was fitting for him to be the one to end the Saga that he Started.

    One interesting Conversation that we want to point out is when Iron Man and Captain America are fighting among themselves on the Heli Carrier in Avengers 1. There Captain America says to Iron Man that he is not the type of guy who would lay down on a wire so that his teammate could crawl over him, who would make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Looking back at that conversation we can see how far we and these characters have come from their original ensemble. Now we wait for the Spiderman Far From Home to release later this year which would officially wrap up the MCU’s Phase 3 and prepare us for the upcoming phase 4 and the solo Black widow Movie.

    After the Death of her Father Tony Stark aka Iron Man, it will be now up to her daughter to take up the Mantle of Iron Man and move forward with what he started. So Will Iron Man’s Daughter Continue Her Father’s Legacy After he Dies in Endgame? 

    Fans are also waiting for the Introduction of Adam Warlock who was teased in Guardian of the Galaxy 2 ending. He will likely appear in Guardian of the Galaxy 3 and will become part of the New Avengers in MCU’s Phase 4.