Spoiler: Will Iron Man’s Daughter Continue Her Father’s Legacy After he Dies in Endgame


    Major Spoiler ahead so go back if you don’t want to get spoiled. You have been warned.

    This is a second spoiler warning so please don’t read this article if you don’t want to get spoiled.

    So a lot of things happens in Avengers Endgame. One of the Major things that could actually shape the future of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is Iron Man’s Daughter. Yes you read it right. After Iron Man and Nebula are saved by Captain Marvel from the impending doom of space and Iron Man Returns back to earth, He and Pepper Potts both of them have a daughter.

    In the Movie when Iron Man returns backs to earth, he is hospitalized because of the damage caused by lack of food and water. When he is being treated Captain Marvel along with Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine and other Avengers decide to go back to Thanos’s planet to kill him and take back the infinity to redo the snap.

    However, when they reach there they find out that Thanos had already used the stones to destroy the stones. When angers Thor so much that he chops Thanos’s head off and the screen cuts to black.

    And after 5 years have passed post snap we meet Iron Man’s Daughter who is playing with his father wearing his Iron Man mask. He is asked by Captain America to help them get the stones back but he promptly denies stating that he has already moved on and he doesn’t want to lose what he has i.e. Pepper and his daughter.


    Although her name is not mentioned in the Movie it is very likely her name is Avalon Stark or Ava Stark who is a genius just like her father and Grandfather.

    What does this mean for Iron Man’s Legacy and Marvel’s Future of Phase 4

    Now the question arises that what would happen to Iron Man’s Legacy after he dies defeating Thanos. Well, the likely answer is his daughter is going to take up Iron Man’s Mantle and will carry forward what her father has started. She takes up the mantle of Iron Man and will be a major part of Phase 4 which is going to bring in Secret Wars to the big screen. She will bring in the new Avengers which is going to include Captain Marvel War Machine, Scarlet Witch and some other new characters.

    When are we going to see the New Iron Woman/ Iron Girl Movie

    As for we she will appear on the big screen as Iron woman or Iron girl, that will likely happen in the later parts of phase 4 as it hasn’t been decided when she will make a debut. As of right now the only movie that has been decided for Phase 4 are the solo Black Widow Movie, The Eternals, Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Shang-chi and Guardian of the Galaxy 3. It could take some time for Iron woman or Iron girl to go into production.

    Guardian of the Galaxy 3 and the Black Widow Movie is particularly important. This is because Guardian of the Galaxy 3 will introduce Adam Warlock who one of the most powerful characters of Marvel. He was first teased in GOG 2 in its post-credit scenes. According to production leaks, he will make his debut in GOG 3 and will later become part of the new Avengers.

    And Black Widow Movie is important because we know that Black Widow is dead and she won’t be coming back anytime soon (not if Marvel does something completely unexpected) so the problem is how will they make a Solo Black Widow Movie without her. Well the answer to that question is the Black Widow Movie will be revolving around Natasha Romanoff’s past and she came to be known as Black Widow.



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