Spoilers: How Does Time Travel Work in Avengers Endgame, Explained


    SPOILER WARNING, You are being warned that this article contains spoilers so if you don’t want to get spoiled do not read this article. You have been warned.

    So by now, people of you have already heard about the rumors that to get back the Infinity Stones the Avengers would go back in time. However, Time Travel could be difficult to understand if it is not done properly. People the writers of the Avengers Endgame did a fantastic job at writing a plot involving old movies and Time Travel.

    So even though the Time Travel or what Ant Man calls it the ‘Time Heist’ was done in a simple manner when compared other time travel based movie (we are looking at you primer) there are still some doubts which fans might have about the mechanics Behind the time travel in Endgame. And here in this article, we will explain to you how does Time Travel Work in Avengers Endgame.

    Quantum World

    First, we need to run down some important things from the Ant Man Movie. In the Movie Hank Pym the creator of Pym particle and the Ant Man Suit explains to Scott Lang if you are to go subatomic using the Pym particles you would enter the Quantum world. Quantum world is sort of another dimension where time and space isn’t affected by the action in our dimension. Time also flows at a very different rate in the Quantum world.

    Ant Man gets Stuck in Quantum World

    During the event of the Avengers Infinity War Scott, Hank and Hope are doing some experiments in the Quantum World. Ant Man is tasked with entering the Quantum World and collect some Quantum particles for their experiment. But after Ant Man Enters the Quantum World Thanos in Wakanda gets his hand on all six Infinity stone and does the snap which kills half the population in the entire universe including Hank and Hope.

    This causes Ant Man to get stuck in the Quantum World for five years. But that is not the case with Ant Man because from his perspective he only feels that he is stuck only for five hours. This is because as we and Hank previously explained that in Quantum World time flows differently. And therefore for him, time flowed at a slower rate than for the people on Earth.

    Ant Man Plans On the Time Travel or the ‘Time Heist’

    Having this information with him he explains this to other people in the Avengers. And then when they decide to formulate a plan in which they would gather infinity stone from the past. They would then bring all six infinity stone back to the future to use them on an Infinity Gauntlet made by Iron Man so that they could undo the snap.

    The Mechanics Behind Time Travel in Avengers Endgame

    Avengers spoiler

    But in order to pull off the time heist, they have to make a functional time machine. And to make a time machine they first have to understand how time travel actually works. So they start working on some tests. But First, they have to keep one thing in mind. Because of the death of Hank Pym Ant Man could get more Pym Particle as Hank is the only person who knows how to make them. So Ant Man only has a limited supply of Pym Particles.

    And with that, they start their tests. Captain America, Professor Hulk, and Black widow assist Ant Man. First, they try to send Ant Man back in time but whenever try to do that the make Ant Man older or younger. At one point during the experiment they even accidentally make Ant Man in a toddler.

    Iron Man explains the reason behind this. He explains that what they are trying to do is wrong. He says that they are trying to flow Ant Man through time but instead they end up flowing time through Ant Man which causes his age to change. And to help with this problem Iron Man makes a Time GPS which helps them to guide themselves in the Quantum world and get to the exact location in spacetime that they want.

    Now, this is the first part of Time Travel which they solve. To go back in time and get the infinity stones Avengers split up into four teams. But here comes the second and most important part of the time travel that the Ancient One explain to Professor Hulk.

    She explains that if the Avengers were to remove any of the Infinity Stones from the Past it would lead to the creation of a separate dark timeline which would be susceptible to Dark Energy. And therefore the Avengers decides that after they have defeated Thanos they would have to bring back all of the 6 infinity stones back where they took them from. And would help the timeline not to separate off into an alternate one.

    After the Avengers Defeat, Thanos Captain America using the Quantum Tunnel puts back all the stone where he took them from. This makes everything back to normal, how it should have been.

    And that it guys. This is the explanation of ‘how Does Time Travel Work in Avengers Endgame.’ Hope that we were able to clear all your doubt but if you still have some question you can comment them down below.

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