Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 24 Out Now: SAO Season 4 Announced


    *Spoliers: Those who haven’t seen the final episode i.e. Sword art online Alicization episode 24 then be wary because this post contains spoilers. 

    Sword art online Alicization episode 24 is out now and as this is the last episode of this season people are excited to see what they had in store for us in this finale.

    One this we are sure of is that this episode will be bittersweet because Kirito finally defeats the administrator but at the loss of his best friends Eugeo and Alice.

    In the last episode, we saw Administrator cutting Eugeo in half after he sliced off one of her arms. And yes Eugeo didn’t make it in the last episode as he died from his wounds while holding his best friend’s hands.

    But this is not before he gives his Blue Rose Sword to Kirito with which he is able to defeat the administrator. And before dying he does one last thing, He gives Kirito’s sword a name, The Night Sky Sword.

    After that Kiritos finds an administrator panel with which he is able to talk to the Seijirou Kikuoka who is trying to thwart off an attack on the facility by an unknown organization.

    The organization are able to hinder the facility’s power and Kirito starts to distort. And this is when the final cliffhanger of this season comes i.e. Asuna coming down from the sky.

    This was a great SAO season people will be waiting for the next season as they would be very happy to know that they don’t have to wait much longer.

    This is because the Sword Art Online’s Official Twitter Page release a PV for the 4th Season of SAO dubbed as Sword Art Online War of Underworld.