The All New 600bhp Alfa Romeo GTV All Set to Be on Roads By 2022


    It’s been 10 months since the Italian marque confirmed the exciting return of the GTV nameplate and now the image of Alfa Romeo’s revived GTV sports car has set auto enthusiasts on a full throttle excitement mode. Alfa Romeo declared it was bringing the GTV with a high-performance hybrid car.

    The picture was shared on twitter and it seems to be clicked during one of the presentation events during the display on the large slide, but it is still not confirmed whether the design appears to be in the picture is the approved one or is it subjected to change during the production, because the design loos to be different from the teaser released earlier.

    When you look at the picture it is quite clear that the GTV is provided with elongated roofline which is expected to have enough headroom for two small seats to be located even the second row, edged side windows, small taillights, sporty black wheel rims with red brake callipers make the aesthetic looks better than ever. You may even consider buying a tire clamp, there are always a number of options to choose from.

    It is just not the aesthetics that is drawing the attention but to accompany that is the 600HP 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 engine. Alfa’s twin-turbo V6 delivers 505 hp for its current Alfa Romeo Giulia, but the new GTV incorporates large air intake and long hood with bold characters which also tells those aerodynamics are also taken damn seriously.

    The All New 600bhp Alfa Romeo GTV All Set to Be on Roads By 2022

    With extensive electrification in mind Alfa’s previous products namely Giorgio, Giulia and Stelvio were launched, and all had a dynamic standout in their subtle way and considering that Alfa Romeo is expected to be no different given the side profile.

    This all-new Alfa Romeo is expected to make on-road debut in 2021-2022 and further revelations are expected to come out during the upcoming auto expos.