The Rock confirms on Instagram, will Star as Black Adam in Shazam 2


    Shazam was a breath of fresh air from DC after the Justice League Movie failed to impress the Fans and Critics alike. Shazam which starred Zachary Levi was a break hit success which fans loved and still holds a 91% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

    And now as the fans thought it couldn’t get any better Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock had announced that they will start working Shazam 2 and he will star as Black Adam in that movie.

    Earlier it was being rumored that The Rock would star as Black Adam in the Shazam movie however due to Shazam being an origin story he decided it would be wise to introduce the villain/anti-hero in the next installment. Dwayne Johnson acted as the executive producer on Shazam and also helped in the creative development of the Movie.

    And it to confirm this news The Rock himself made the announcement on his twitter.

    In that video, Dwayne first thanked and showed his gratitude all his fans and supporter for the immense success of Shazam. He then explained that earlier it was decided that Black Adam would be introduced in the Shazam itself. They had planned on telling as Dwayne puts it “two origin stories,” one of Shazam himself and one of Black Adam as he kind of the nemesis to Shazam.

    However, Dwayne explained that during the production because of the constraints of time he thought it wouldn’t be wise to tell two origin stories in a single movie. And therefore it was decided that Black Adam would be introduced in the sequel to Shazam if the movie does well among critics and box office. And seeing the reception Shazam has got a sequel was immediately put on development. And The Rock confirms it that the shooting for Shazam 2 would start in one year or sooner.


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    So judging from this announcement we would expect to see The Rock as Black Adam in Shazam 2 very soon. We could also expect further announcements and information about Shazam 2 to be released as soon as the film goes into production.