Toy Story 4: What’s new coming and the story we didn’t know that we needed


    This year all the movie-goers have the privilege to watch another adventurous tale of the Toy Story. Toy Story 4 is the fourth movie in Toy Story franchise that includes Josh Cooley as a film director. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen reprise their role from previous movies along with Annie Potts, Joan Cusack, Blake Clark, and Wallace Shawn.

    The toy story embarks the new journey of our main man Woody and his fellow team of toys. The movie is set few years after Andy gave his toy to Bonnie. Bonnie on the other hand creates a new toy name Forky who feels insecurity about being a toy. On the road trip, Forky abandon the family and Toys. So, Woody goes in search of Forky but unexpectedly, he meets his long estranged friend, Bo-Peep. Now, the further story follows on understanding and acknowledging of what being a toy is really about.

    So, here is the thing. The Toy Story 3 ended perfectly with proper justification to characters and storyline. Till many years no fans even thought that they needed another Toy Story film. On the development of film, the head of PIXAR John Lasseter felt,”Toy Story 3 ended Woody and Buzz’s story with Andy so perfectly that for a long time, Pixar never even talked about doing another Toy Story movie. But when Andrew, Pete, Lee and Lasseter came up with this new idea, He just could not stop thinking about it. It was so exciting to him, he knew Pixar had to make this movie—and Lasseter wanted to direct it himself.”

    Toy Story 4 will hit theaters on June 21 2019 everywhere.