Treated as Beggars: Farmers from India, BJP Says Everyone is Happy


    Since independence one of the main political issue raised was about the farmers. At the end of 2018, Congress won assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh by making a political issue on farmers and their loan waiving. But still, they have not waived the loans of farmers.

    Congress attacks the Modi government saying that in last 5 years BJP has not done anything for farmers, Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi by saying that in last 5 years Modi has only taken care of top businessman and totally ignored farmers but answering this BJP says that Congress has always deceived farmers.
    PM Modi says that” the Congress often gets a fever of loan waiver around elections and uses it to win the election but now the BJP has called their bluff” Modi claimed that under PM Kisan yojana 12 crores farmers will get ₹ 75000 crores every year and in 10 years farmers will get ₹ 7.5 lakh crore. PM also claimed that the loan waiver under UPA benefitted 30% farmers but BJP’s policy will benefit 90-95% farmers.PM modi has also claimed that by 2022 farmers income will be doubled.
    But Punjab agricultural workers say that they have no hope from elections since they feel that they have been cheated because “before coming to power in Punjab Congress had promised to waive off farm loans including those owed to private moneylenders. But only loans from banks and cooperative societies are being waived off”.Moreover, the terms of loan waiver are incongruent with ground realities.
    As per farmers from Punjab, they feel that all parties treat them like beggars. They had been just used for election campaigning and forgotten after coming to power.