Updates About The Congress Manifesto 2019


    Congress released their election manifesto of about 55 pages on Tuesday. The manifesto was released in the presence of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, and former PM Manmohan Singh. Among the 55 pages of manifesto 35th and 36th-page number is the latest topic for discussion.

    The main highlights of the manifesto were :

        • NYAY (Nyuntam Aay yojana) scheme.
        • 6% budget allocation for education.
        • congress demands a separate budget for farmers.
        • Review of AFSPA and  Abolition of 124-A
        • Job creation.
        • Employment for 150 days from 100 days under MNREGA.
    Congress president Rahul Gandhi said after the release of manifesto that ” I did not want a single thing in the manifesto which was a lie because we have been hearing a large number of lies spoken every day by our PM “.
       After the manifesto was released BJP countered it with a number of allegations against Congress party. In an election rally in pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh) PM Modi said it as a “dhakosla patra”.


       Congress had been making an election issue by raising the questions of farmers across the country so they have also included farmers in their manifesto. Congress said that they will present a separate “Kisan Budget ” every year and they have said that when farmers cannot pay loans then this becomes criminal offense but they promised to make it a civil offense so that farmers can be relieved.


    For healthcare, Congress promises to enact the right to healthcare Act and guarantee every citizen free diagnostics,out-patient care, free medicines, and hospitalization. For women, Congress had reserved 33% seats in Lok Sabha and state legislative assembly also they have reserved 33% of seats in the central government for women. Besides this Congress also promised to review AFSPA ( Armed forces special protection act) that gives unprecedented power to security forces in J&K and some north-eastern region.


    Congress manifesto also reveals that they will simplify the GST regime with a single moderate rate of tax, zero-rating of exports and exemption for essential goods and services and they coined that it will be said as GST 2.0. A lot of questions have been raised when Congress promised to double the allocation for education to 6% of GDP by 2023-24. Also, they have promised to provide 2% of GDP to science and research.
    Rahul Gandhi


    Congress promised to make jobs its no. 1 priority both in the public and private sectors. They have promised to fill 4 lakh central government vacancies before March 2020 and to persuade the state government to fill their 20 lakh vacancies. Talking about NYAY congress had promised to transfer ₹72000 per year to the poorest 20% of households in India and it will be transferred to women in the household.


    Congress had also taken a step towards the environment by promising to form an EPA (Environment protection authority ) and Air pollution to be declared a national health emergency.


    Countering it Union finance minister Arun Jaitley said that Congress manifesto plans to destroy institutions and help terrorists.BJP president Amit Shah said that they are demoralizing armed forces by making such manifesto. Jaitley said NYAY as a bluff scheme.


    After comparing congress  2014 manifesto with 2019 manifesto it looked like that they have taken a giant change in work ethics or action.
    Congress feels very positive towards their manifesto as they have said that it had been prepared from 1 year by enquiring each individual.