Video: Two children dead after ‘dust devil’ hits in Central China


    Hong Kong – A unexpected accident quickly turned a children’s event in central China into disaster Sunday afternoon when a bouncy castle was swept up by a tornado-like “dust devil”.

    Video of this incident was shared widely on Chinese social media.

    Two children are dead after tornado-like “dust devil” sent a bouncy castle flying into the air in Central China, there are almost 17 children were injured and one child gets a serious injury and 2 adult are also injured due to is a dust devil.

    This incident occurred at a temporary amusement park around 3 p.m. in Yucheng county.

    Video of the tornado-like dust devil shows the bouncy castle getting sucked into the high dust winds, which looked similar to a tornado, the dust devil had at least 10-meter diameter and 32 feet high and lasted for just three to four minutes.