World War Z: The Most Satisfying Zombie Shooter of this Decade


    Imagine the whole world dipped in chaos and swarms of zombies! This is the world that is brought to you by the Saber Interactive of a heart-pounding game, World War Z #outlivethedead, this year. The name is kind of a giveaway to the fact that the idea is originated from the paramount’s picture World War Z that came out in 2013. This was out on Microsoft, Xbox One and PS4 on the 16th of April.

    The whole concept behind this latest game is to have a huge platform to shoot crowds of zombies as the movie depicts. The advanced blood, gore, dismemberment, and just the visceral shooting experience satisfies a shooter’s internal monster and gives them joy in seeing the zombies fall to the ground. The game is basically called the swarm engine to render zombies in huge numbers. The team created their own plots and situations but stuck to the original universe of the movie.

    A player can opt one of the six classes: Gunslinger(assaulting), Hellraiser(explosives), Fixer(having special passive skills), exterminator(crowd control), Slasher(melee), and Medic(healer) The player is allowed to customize their own weapon where the more he uses it the more are the chances for him to unlock extra powers and access to upgrades. One can play the same game round 30 to 40 times as each of them would be differently designed due to the developed code behind them.

    You can play with your friends against the zombies or like in the multiplayer mode, you can play against humans. This is where your group of usually four are up against another four players. The zombies present around attack to distract you from your targets. Though the zombies made it complicated, the humans are whom you might want to concentrate on as they are so much smarter and harder to kill. You can either heal your friends when in need or be healed by them.

    For all the fans who wanted Left 4 Dead 3, WWZ would be a more than compensation for the disappointment. the only reported con so far is that the leveling up of guns takes a long time. However, the polished design, awe-inspiring crowds, feeling of dread, crowds of zombies that will stop at nothing to get you, and the outright gruesome shooting to cause damage will more than make up for it! On the whole, this might just be another gamechanger like PUBG or Fortnite.