You Can Watch Star Trek Discovery’s Episode 1 On Youtube For Free


    CBS’s Star Trek: discovery has come back with its second season on the network’s streaming service. Last year when the show was first introduced, CBS had a special premiere on the network’s television channel.

    This time, CBS put the first episode called “Brother” of the show on Youtube. The debut episode of the first season is put up to remind the non-subscribers or lapsed subscribers that the show is back and it is worth watching.

    The last episode for season 1 was aired on February. But after that, many users reported complaints about technical glitches regarding streaming service network. According to, Star Trek Discovery Episode 1 will stay on Youtube for two weeks. This is long enough to reignite the hype and interest surrounding the show and will also help remind the non-subscribers that series is back and get users to signup for the CBS All Access.

    The Last Episode for Star Trek Discovery i.e. episode 14 is scheduled to release on 18 April. There is no news whether the series would continue or will it have a definitive ending. But we could only tell this creator put a season bait in the last episode and judging the viewers this season has got, a season 3 is likely going to happen.