Aaron Paul debuts in Westworld Season 3 & it’s going to be insane


    HBO is going to lose its near-decade-long viewers after the finale of Game Of Thrones. Or maybe not! HBO just dropped the trailer for Westworld Season 3 and it is truly amazing. HBO knows how to attract viewers back and again. This is not only the new season of Sci-fiction flick but it has a new character. The actor who has been slaying as a cooking crime partner (Jesse Pink man) all those years is coming back in another great story. The series that was on long break will now be seen in 2020 on your TV screens.

    The Westworld trailer introduces the character of Aaron Paul walking around the futuristic bridge. He sits along with a robot (not a Westworld robot). We see Aaron Paul has not been a good guy. Toward the finish of season two, in case you overlooked, we left Dolores (well, conceivably numerous Dolores in various bodies) similarly as she’d entered “real world” outside of Westworld with a pack brimming with host “minds” and the will to form an army.

    Sometime later, we see Aaron Paul encounter Evan Rachel Wood. It’s like that it is Dolores, who is hurt and wearing another version of her dark dress. But wait, even though she is hurt she seems like she is ready to kill (and recall every one of the occasions for eternity).

    The trailer includes Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon playing in the background. Also, the trailer just aims to introduce Aaron Paul’s character. We believe that he believes something is not going right there. To decode the main plot is difficult here as there was no sign of Charlotte and Bernard. Dolores has something to cook for and heck yeah, the trailer shows the insane techno-savvy world with self-driving cars.

    So what are we going to see in the 3rd installment of Westworld? What character is Aaron Paul playing in Westworld? All these questions will be answered when the Westworld Season 3 premieres on HBO later this year as HBO has revealed any definitive release date for the show.